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Etsy September 2021 Report

September started off as a good month for me and then died a slow death during the last two weeks.  I even launched a sale on all my summer and end of stock items and didn’t get one sale from it.  Pretty disappointing but it’s been nice not to have the pressure of needing to sew more.  I did, however, sell a couple of greetings cards which was nice.  My stats for September are below:

Sales and Visits

  • Number of visits: 450
  • Number of orders: 10
  • Conversion Rate: 2.2%
  • Revenue: £166.00


  • 376 people found my shop through Etsy search
  • 44 people visited my shop direct
  • 27 people found my shop through Etsy ads on Google and the other random places they’ve started advertising.
  • 0 people visited my shop via Instagram
  • 3 people visited my shop via Facebook
  • 0 person visited my shop via Pinterest

Plans for October

I’m going to be closing my store at the end of October to take maternity leave so don’t really have any plans to do much for my store.  I haven’t yet decided when I’ll reopen – probably January or February next year but we’ll see.  I imagine by then that the Star Seller campaign may have a drastic effect on where shops rank in search, and that could really harm me as I’ll have no stats to back my shop up (not that the stats are that accurate right now anyway), but yeah.  Thankfully my Etsy store is more of a hobby so it’s not a massive problem if things don’t work out.

You can view my Etsy store here.

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