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Waves and Wild – Fireside Slippers Review

For Christmas, my parents bought me probably the best gift I could have ever asked for – a Baby Lock Enlighten overlocker!  And, to thank them, I decided that I would sew them both something.  I chose to do the Waves and Wild Fireside Slippers for my dad.  While it’s not a pattern I’ve tried before, and it’s doesn’t use fabrics I usually work with, Poppy Bear Fabrics made it super easy for me to buy all the materials needed as they sold them as a bundle via their Facebook group.  My dad chose the outer layer that he wanted and Emma at Poppy Bear chose the matching fabrics for me.

Unfortunately, my dad died before I was able to give him these slippers.  As it’s unlikely I’ll make them again any time soon, I’m reviewing the pair I made for him.  The slipper pattern comes with a few different options.  I made the short boot with the reinforced heel detail in size 12-13.

What I Loved

  • The new Waves and Wild patterns are trimless and very easy to put together.
  • The instructions are really clear and easy to follow.  A diagram is included for each step.
  • Layers are available in the PDF file so you only need to print your size.  A size chart is also included to help you determine this.  An approximate shoe size chart has also been provided which is helpful for those making slippers as a gift.
  • The Waves and Wild version of this pattern comes with a print at home copy, an A0 copy for copy-shop printing, and a projector pattern.
  • The pattern comes with numerous different options.  You can choose to make a tall or short boot, and you can choose between other additions including a reinforced heel, a rubber sole, and tie detailing.
  • The pattern can be fully made using a sewing machine.
  • Whether making for adults or kids, you only need to buy the pattern once.  There aren’t separate versions like most of the Waves and Wild patterns.
  • It’s a great choice of pattern for those making gifts.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The wadding that you have to use to make these super comfy isn’t that easy to sew.  Obviously this is an important part of the pattern so it can’t be omitted but it was more difficult than I’d expected it to be.
  • Turning these slippers the right way out was seriously harder than giving birth to my second child.  There were tears – a lot of them – and it took longer too.  If I ever do make these again, I will make sure to leave a MUCH wider turning hole and/or persuade my husband to do it for me.

Final Verdict

The Waves and Wild Fireside Slippers are a lovely pattern for giving as a gift – but I would only make them again for somebody that I really really like.  I don’t even know if I have the energy to make myself a pair, but after trying on my dad’s, it is tempting.  They really are cosy and comfortable and would be lovely to wear while snuggling up on the sofa.  Unfortunately my dad wasn’t ever able to receive them so I’m unable to tell how well they’d last when worn, but I do know he loved the progress photos I was sending him the day before he died so they definitely have unisex appeal.

The Waves and Wild Fireside Slippers pattern requires a few different materials including a medium weight woven for the exterior, a warm fleece fabric for the interior, padding, and a non slip material for the sole (I used suede).  Depending on the model you choose, you may also need a non-fray fabric for the contrast heel, interfacing, and/or a rubber sole.  The PDF can be downloaded from the Waves and Wild website for AUD $12.00 and is available in sizes toddler 3-4 to adult 12-13.

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