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Patterns for Pirates – Petite Pegs Review

I’ve been looking for a leggings pattern for my youngest daughter as my trusty Love Notions pattern doesn’t start until age 2.  So, when my friend recommended the Patterns for Pirates Petite Pegs, I knew I had to give them a try.  This is a completely free pattern that goes from premature to 9-12 months.  I really like it and my only disappointment is that it’s not available in bigger sizes.

What I Loved

  • The PDF pattern is seamless and really easy to stick together – seriously, it took me less than a minute.  It also comes with layers so you only need to print the size you need.
  • Step by step instructions come with the pattern making it really easy to understand.
  • A printing guide is included so you don’t need to print the whole PDF document.
  • This pattern is really simple to sew that even someone who has never used a sewing machine could end up with an amazing garment.  I didn’t need to follow the instructions at all as it’s your standard leggings pattern.
  • The sizing is fantastic and true to the measurement table.
  • There are four different lengths: shorties, bike, capri, and ankle length.  I made the ankle length for this review but will likely be making some more of these in capri length soon.
  • This is a great pattern for using up scraps.  The short length version of the pattern requires just 1/4 metre of fabric.  I easily squeezed the ankle length 6-9 version out of scraps I had saved.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The only negative is that this pattern only goes up to age 9-12 months.  With my Love Notions pattern starting at 18-24 months, I still need to find a good pattern for the 12-18 month age.

Final Verdict

The Patterns for Pirates Petite Pegs pattern is a fantastic leggings pattern for babies.  Not only is it free but it’s also super simple to print, stick and sew.  The finished garment is also quite generous so I’m sure it would be just as suitable for cloth bummed kids as those in traditional nappies.

The Petite Pegs pattern is available in size premature to 9-12 months and requires any kind of knit fabric with at least 50% stretch.  I’ve made three pairs so far and used cotton lycra for all of them.  The PDF version of the Patterns for Pirates Petite Pegs can be picked up from their website for free.

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