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Little Lizard King – Galena Girl Review

The Galena dress is a FREE pattern by Little Lizard King.  This was my first time attempting one of their patterns and it certainly won’t be the last.  The Galena can be made into either a dress or a peplum style top, and there are two patterns available – one for kids (which I made) and one for adults.  I absolutely love this pattern and despite it taking me a good eight hours due to all the new skills, it’s something I will definitely make again.

What I Loved

  • The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  A photo guide is included for each step.
  • Layers are available for the PDF file so you only need to print your size.
  • The pattern is FREE!
  • There are two different options to make up – a dress or a top.  There are also three different sleeves – a bishop sleeve (which I made), a short puff sleeve with a cuff, and a short puff sleeve with a hem.
  • No need for snaps, zips or buttons.  The buttons that I added were part of a faux placket which is one of the pattern’s options.
  • The end result is so pretty.  Even when made in a plain jersey fabric like mine, it looks so beautiful on – almost shop bought.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • Can’t think of anything to write here.  Although the make was challenging, the pattern was spot on.

Tips for Next Time

  • Try and make the gathering more even, especially on the top of the sleeves.

Final Verdict

I am still amazed that this is a free pattern – Little Lizard King are such a nice company to do this.  While possibly not the best make for beginners, the Galena is definitely something that someone who has been sewing for a few months can try.  And, the fact that there is a free adult Galena pattern too is awesome – especially if you like to twin with your little ones.

The Little Lizard King Galena can be fully made from knit fabric – including the neck binding and the cuffs.  If you opt to do the faux placket, you’ll need some buttons too.  The Galena Girl is available in sizes 12 months through to 14 years, and the PDF version can be picked up from the Little Lizard King website for £0.00.

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