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Made By Jack’s Mum – Four Seasons Joggers Review

Please note that Made by Jack’s Mum has rebranded to Waves and Wild.  I’m reviewing the MBJM version of this pattern, but as this is no longer available to purchase, I have linked to the Waves and Wild version at the bottom.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Four Seasons are a staple in both mine and my daughter’s closet.  They are literally the comfiest lounge pants ever and they’re ideal for use as part of a PJ set for Ember.  In fact, they’re my go-to now when making two-piece pyjamas.

What I Loved

  • The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  A photo guide is included for each step.
  • Layers are available for the PDF file so you only need to print your size.
  • There are four different leg lengths – shorts, knee length, capri and full length
  • There are two different pocket options
  • There are pattern options in the smaller sizes for cloth bums.
  • There are three different waistband options, one of which gives you the option to add a faux drawstring.
  • There’s also an adult version of this pattern – the Four Seasons Ladies Joggers.  As I said above, it’s literally the comfiest lounge pant pattern in the world ever.
  • It’s suitable for beginners and those new to learning to sew with knits.  You can leave out things like the pockets if you want to make it as simple as possible.
  • Can be made with both cotton jersey or a warmer knit fabric like French Terry, making it a pattern that is suitable for all temperatures.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The Made By Jack’s Mum patterns always take me a while to cut out – they’re not seamless like many other PDF pattern companies.
  • I personally don’t like the look of the pockets.  It seems a bit strange to me to draw attention to them so I often leave them out.
  • These seem to have a much larger fit than the MBJM Lightning Leggings. While I understand this is because they’re a more relaxed pattern, the jump from ‘age 1’ to ‘age 2’ seems especially large, and while the age 2 Lightning Leggings fit my daughter well, age 2 in this pattern fall down.

Pattern Tips

  • Make sure you use cotton lycra for the waistband and not ribbing unless you want them to show your knickers and/or fall down.

Final Verdict

The Made By Jack’s Mum Four Seasons are perfect if you want a pair of comfy lounge pants – either for you or your child. The instructions are really easy to follow, and they’re especially ideal for pyjamas!  Both my daughter and myself now have a ton of these – I wish there was a men’s Four Seasons pattern too!

The Made By Jack’s Mum Four Seasons require a light or medium weight stretch fabric such as cotton lycra or French Terry. The cuffs can be made with the same fabric as the main top or with ribbing (which is easier to attach), but the waist band must be made with cotton lycra.  The PDF version can be purchased from the Waves and Wild website for AUD $12.00.  It is available in sizes premature/newborn to age 12, and comes with a cloth nappy option up to age 4.

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