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Brindille & Twig – Women’s Lounge Pants Review

So I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare this week here at Nerdy Sewist HQ.  The freezing temperatures in the UK led to one of our pipes bursting and that has meant we’ve had to do without a washing machine while we wait for a plumber to come.  Luckily, I can sew and have enough fabric to clothe the whole Von Trapp family so creating comfortable lounge clothes is something that isn’t a massive hassle.

Rather than make more Four Seasons, I’ve been looking for some different patterns to try.  After the success of the other Brindille & Twig patterns I’ve tried this month, I decided to give the Brindille & Twig Lounge Pants pattern a try.  Spoiler alert: they’re amazing!

What I Loved

  • The PDF pattern is seamless and really easy to stick together.
  • The pattern comes with layers so you can choose to only print your size
  • There are two different leg length options – full leg and capri
  • Only two pattern pieces are required – I’m all for the simple life!
  • I learned how to insert a drawstring
  • The finished garment is incredibly flattering – way more so than the Four Seasons pattern.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • This pattern is only available in sizes XS to XXL.  I’d love for patterns to be more accessible for a wider range of body sizes, especially when they’re so flattering on plus size bodies.
  • I’m only 5’2″ and these lounge pants are quite long.  I had to take them up quite a bit after constructing them.  It would be useful to have been provided with the length information – and the best place to shorten the pattern – prior to cutting.
  • I got quite confused with the way these lounge pants are constructed and opted to ignore the instructions and make them in the way I understand.  While photos are provided for each step, I do think it would be helpful if the right and wrong side of the fabrics were easier to differentiate, which they aren’t in these photos.

Tips for Next Time

  • Shorten the pattern pieces prior to cutting out to account for my small legs
  • Invest in some eyelets for the drawstring and attempt to make my own drawstring for a better finish.

Final Verdict

Despite the few issues I mentioned above, I really like this pattern.  The completed garment is really flattering on my body and really comfortable to wear as well.  I think I’ll definitely make at least one more pair of these up – in a plain fabric next time – to wear around the house during the day.  I might also make a pair in the capri length for spring/summer.

The Brindille and Twig Lounge Pants can be made in size XS to XXL. They require a medium weight jersey (1.5 yards for the full length and 1.25 yards for capri), and a 60″ drawstring.  Eyelets are optional but I think they would give a better finish.  The PDF version of the Brindille & Twig Lounge Pants can be purchased from their website for $9.00.

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