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The Best Leggings Patterns for Cloth Bums

After talking to my sewing buddy Kirsty earlier in the week, we realised that there aren’t actually that many sewing patterns for babies and toddlers that wear cloth nappies (diapers for you American readers).  And, let’s be honest, how many mums of young kids really have the time to adjust patterns?  Ok, it doesn’t take long to add a bit of height to the waist, or change a hem to a cuff, but none of us want to be making butt pattern adjustments when not only do our kids grow insanely fast, but we’ve just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning Play Doh off the walls.

Cloth nappies are all the rage these days, so you’d expect there would be a few pattern designers that design for cloth bummed babes wouldn’t you?  Well, I’ve been trawling the internet for cloth bum leggings patterns and below is a round up of what I’ve found.

Lightning Leggings – Made By Jack’s Mum

A lot of the Made By Jack’s Mum patterns have options for cloth bum babies, and the Lightning Leggings is no exception.  As you’d expect from the name, these are a super quick sew and literally can be whipped up in about 30 minutes.

The Lightning Leggings are available in both a relaxed and a slim fit.  The legs can be hemmed or cuffed, and the waistband can be made with jersey or elastic.  There’s also 3 different leg lengths: knee, capri and ankle.  Best of all, this pattern is completely free.

Pick it up from the Made By Jack’s Mum website here.

Baby Got Back – paperdahl

The Baby Got Back leggings pattern was designed specifically with cloth bum babies in mind.  It’s available in size 0-3 months to 2T and comes with a 27 page eBook that explains how to alter the pattern to widen the leg if required.  It’s also completely free!

The back panel is by far the cutest part of this pattern – and it reminds me slightly of the Blade and Rose leggings, you could definitely add a quirky panel here.  A faux fly and applique templates are also included.

You can find out more about the inspiration for this pattern, and download it for free here.

Rabbit Baby Leggings – Picolly

Like the Lightning Leggings mentioned above, the Picolly Rabbit baby leggings come in two different styles – one suitable for babies wearing disposable nappies, and one for babies wearing cloth nappies.  This pattern has been specially designed to be looser around the butt and thighs, making movement easier.

The Rabbit Baby Leggings pattern is available in sizes newborn – 86 (European sizes), which I think is around 18 months, but don’t hold me to that.  It can’t be used commercially, and costs 3 euros to purchase.

You can buy the Picolly Rabbit Baby Leggings pattern here.

Baby Leggings – Mama Can Do It

The Mama Can Do It Baby Leggings pattern is designed for babies aged from newborn to 3 years, and comes with two different pattern options – one with a side seam (so you can add ruffles if you want to) and one without.  It also comes with a “rear extender” pattern pieces, making it especially suitable for cloth bums.

Step by step directions are included with this pattern, as is a PDF guide of helpful hints and tips on recycling clothing.  This pattern costs $7.

You can purchase the Mama Can Do It Baby Leggings pattern here.

Leggy Pants – Baboosh

The Baboosh Leggy Pants are slightly different to the other patterns on this list in that you don’t receive a PDF version to print out.  Upon ordering, the company will print the pattern for you in A0 and ship it out to you.  You also need to purchase separate patterns for each size group – which could end up getting expensive considering they’re £9 a pop each.

That said, the Leggy Pants are the only “grow with me” design on this list, which could end up saving you money in fabric.  The step by step photo tutorial makes these a nice beginner-friendly sew.  Please note that if you want to use this pattern commercially, you need to buy a license from Baboosh Designs.

You can purchase this pattern here.

Do you know of any other cloth bum leggings sewing patterns?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to this list.

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