Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Made By Jack’s Mum Rebrands as Waves & Wild

If you’re a member of the Made By Jack’s Mum Facebook group – or follow the company on Instagram – you’ll have seen the exciting news yesterday that MBJM has rebranded as Waves & Wild.

According to the Facebook page, there were a few reasons for the rebrand, including wanting to offer a more diverse range of patterns, and the owner of the brand – Sarah – being a mum to Charlie as well as Jack.

The rebrand has brought with it a brand new Facebook page and group, a brand new Instagram page, and a brand new website – that people from all around the world can use.  Us Brits no longer need to log into Etsy to purchase the MBJM patterns, as we can access them (and store them) on the website.

Even better, all of the patterns on the website are currently available with 50% off, and if you use the code BRANDNEW at checkout, you will get a further 50% off the sale price.  That means that many of the MBJM patterns we love are now available for around £2.10!  The sale is set to last for around a week – so it’s worth spending the cash and getting any patterns you’ve been waiting on.

But wait, there’s more.  Not only are there new social media pages, and a new website, but ALL of the patterns have been revamped as well.  The patterns are now trimless (!) – something which was my only complaint on many of the MBJM patterns, and they all come with A0 copies and projector files.  The instructions for each pattern have also been updated, and after purchasing a few this morning, I’ve got to say they look really professional now, and I am loving the diagrams that have replaced the photos.

Finally, and perhaps somewhat lost in all the excitement of the rebrand, a new pattern has been released – the Driftwood Dolman.  This has been designed for kids, men, and women and the early photos of it look fantastic.

Unfortunately, the rebrand hasn’t gone as well as perhaps expected with a few people dissatisfied about needing to repurchase patterns in order to receive the updated files.  However, I don’t agree with this.  A LOT of work must have gone into designing the new instructions, revamping the patterns, and sorting out projector files, and £2 for an update is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Others are unhappy about the photos being switched for graphics – I understand this but you’ll never be able to please everyone.

Going forward on my blog, I’m going to keep the MBJM category active as when I did those reviews, I made the garments using the original patterns (not the updated versions).  I plan to update the MBJM reviews, however, with the new purchasing links.  I will also be creating a new category for Waves & Wild – my reviews of the updated patterns will appear there.

I’m really excited about the MBJM rebrand, and hope to see more men’s patterns in the future! Have you purchased any of the new Waves & Wild patterns?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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