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Etsy March and April 2021 Report

I’ve been a while updating this blog as I was pretty ill for much of March and April.  I even ended up putting my shop on holiday mode for a good three weeks as I was unable to fulfil orders.  Because of this, I’ve combined my March and April report.  Things had just started to pick up in March when I closed my shop, and it’s been quite hard to recover from.  I’ve only had one sale since I reopened a couple of weeks ago, although I have had quite a few favourites over the bank holiday weekend.

Sales and Visits

  • Number of visits: 1004
  • Number of orders: 20
  • Conversion Rate: 2%
  • Revenue: £440.00


  • 772 people found my shop through Etsy search
  • 147 people visited my shop direct
  • 41 people found my shop through Etsy ads on Google and the other random places they’ve started advertising.
  • 9 people visited my shop via Instagram
  • 35 people visited my shop via Facebook

Plans for May

Now that I’m feeling a bit better, I’m going to work on restocking my most popular items and also relaunching one or two new ones to hopefully give the algorithm a bit of a boost.  I’m thinking about launching a briefs and boxers range as these can be made with scraps relatively quickly, but I’ll also be working on more rompers too.

While I don’t want to say why just yet (it’s probably pretty obvious already anyway), I’ll be closing my store at some point in late autumn for a few months.  My aim for the next five or six months then is just going to be to make up as much of my fabric as I can so that I can stop feeling so guilty about the massive stash I have and hopefully recoup some of the costs.

You can view my Etsy store here.

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