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Made By Jack’s Mum – Men’s Longboard Tee Review

Please note that Made by Jack’s Mum has rebranded to Waves and Wild.  I’m reviewing the MBJM version of this pattern, but as this is no longer available to purchase, I have linked to the Waves and Wild version at the bottom.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Longboard pattern is the first men’s t-shirt pattern I’ve tried.  I originally wanted to make one for my husband, but my FIL has also been asking me to make him something and this looked like an easy way to do just that.  At face value, this is just your basic tee pattern, and a wardrobe staple.  However, it also comes with an extended length option, and a curved hem option so does have some versatility there for those who want it.  I made the standard length, straight hem option for this review.

What I Loved

  • The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  A photo guide is included for each step.
  • Layers are available in the PDF file so you only need to print your size.  A size chart is also included to help you determine this.
  • It’s ideal for men who have long torsos – the pattern comes with an extended length option. There are also cut lines if you need to lengthen the pattern further.
  • There are two hem options – straight and curved.
  • There are three sleeve options too – you can make a short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, or long sleeved tee.
  • It’s a fantastic basic tee pattern and one that I’ll definitely make again.
  • If you purchase the updated Waves and Wild pattern, you’ll receive a projector copy.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The MBJM pattern isn’t trimless so it takes a while to stick together – it actually took me longer to stick the pattern together than it did to make the garment.  That said, if you purchase the updated Waves and Wild version, the pattern has been updated to eliminate a lot of this pain.

Final Verdict

The Made By Jack’s Mum Longboard Tee is a great pattern for a wardrobe staple.  I love that you can take something so basic but then make it up in really fancy fabric to make something unique.  It’s ideal for gifts as well as for making in plains.  It’s also completely suited to beginners and is really straightforward to make.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Longboard Tee requires a light weight knit fabric, such as jersey.  You can use ribbing for the neckband too if you want more ease, but I used cotton lycra without issue.  The PDF can be purchased from the Waves and Wild website for AUD $12.00.  It’s available in size XXS to 5XL.

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