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Etsy May 2021 Report

Wow May was a quiet month on Etsy wasn’t it?  I don’t know if it’s just in the sewing circles where this has been the case, or if it’s more widespread, but sales were not at all what I expected.  They were even lower than they were the first month I opened and no-one had purchased from me then!  Anyway, here are my stats for May 2021 on Etsy.

Sales and Visits

  • Number of visits: 437
  • Number of orders: 7
  • Conversion Rate: 1.6%
  • Revenue: £163.00


  • 319 people found my shop through Etsy search
  • 104 people visited my shop direct
  • 7 people found my shop through Etsy ads on Google and the other random places they’ve started advertising.
  • 0 people visited my shop via Instagram (starting to wonder whether switching back to a personal account was a good idea)
  • 7 people visited my shop via Facebook

Plans for June

Well, we’re already half way into June by the time I’ve got around to making this post.  I might as well let anyone who is reading this blog know that I’m pregnant, and that’s why I was struggling earlier in the year.  Thankfully the morning sickness and exhaustion has gone now so I’m able to sew more.  My plan for June is to restock my most popular lines (I’ve already made a good start on this) and try and add some new lines too.  I’m working on some cute bunny rompers at the moment in 0-3 to 9-12 months that should be live before the weekend.

I’ll be closing in November for an undetermined amount of time as I’m sure sewing around a newborn and a toddler will prove even harder than it is to sew around just one child.  I’m hoping that I can make up quite a few outfits before then though as I still haven’t recouped my costs from starting this business in 2020.

You can view my Etsy store here.

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