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Made by Jack’s Mum – Wonder Undies Review

Please note that Made by Jack’s Mum has rebranded to Waves and Wild.  I’m reviewing the MBJM version of this pattern, but as this is no longer available to purchase, I have linked to the Waves and Wild version at the bottom.

If you want to make up a pattern that will turn the heads of Great British Sewing Bee contestants, this is the pattern for you.  My completed – and if I do say so myself, incredibly fetching – seagull pants were liked by the one and only Raph from the 2021 Sewing Bee on Instagram.  Whether it’s the high quality sewing, or Cleo’s fabric that he likes, I don’t know, but they’re a winner for sure.  Anyway, moving on.  I made the high rise shorts option for this review.

What I Loved

  • The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  A photo guide is included for each step.  It’s 100% suitable for beginners.
  • Layers are available in the PDF file so you only need to print your size.  A size chart is also included to help you determine this.
  • There are options for both briefs and shorts
  • You can make the undies either high rise or low rise.
  • It’s a great pattern for using up scraps – which is why I presume so many of us end up with these in kids fabrics.
  • If you purchase the updated Waves and Wild pattern, you’ll receive a projector copy.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The MBJM patterns aren’t trimless so they take a while to stick together – this one isn’t too bad as it’s relatively small.  That said, if you purchase the updated Waves and Wild version, the pattern has been updated to eliminate a lot of this pain.

Final Verdict

The Made By Jack’s Mum Wonder Undies pattern produces some very fetching undies, that are as comfortable as they are fun to look at.  I’ll not only be making more of these for myself, but I think they’d be great for gifts as well.  The pattern is really well suited to beginners and as every step has photo instructions, you can’t go wrong.  Fantastic pattern – I love it.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Wonder Undies pattern a four way stretch cotton jersey.  You can use jersey for the whole make, or use underwear elastic for the leg bands.  The PDF can be purchased from the Waves and Wild website for AUD $12.00.  It’s available in size XXS to 5XL.

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