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Etsy June 2021 Report

Well June was even more depressingly quiet than May was on Etsy and it’s starting to make me wonder whether it’s worth it anymore.  I put a lot of effort into my store during June.  I added some new listings, restocked a lot of the sizes that had sold out, and worked on improving my titles for SEO.  It made absolutely zero difference.  I also had a phone call from an Etsy advisor which I’ll blog about when I get the chance.  My stats are below:

Sales and Visits

  • Number of visits: 322
  • Number of orders: 6
  • Conversion Rate: 1.9%
  • Revenue: £120.00


  • 245 people found my shop through Etsy search
  • 62 people visited my shop direct
  • 8 people found my shop through Etsy ads on Google and the other random places they’ve started advertising.
  • 0 people visited my shop via Instagram
  • 7 people visited my shop via Facebook

Plans for July

Honestly, I’m starting to wonder whether the effort I’ve put in to making a go of it on Etsy is worth it.  If I didn’t spend every evening sewing, I could do so many other things like gaming or, sewing for Ember and the new baby.  I have an absolute ton of stock just sitting here waiting to be shipped out – almost £2900 worth according to erank! – and nothing is selling.  I’ve also started to be able to compare my figures with last year’s and they’re way down.  I assume a lot is to do with the shops opening again after lockdown, but still, it’s unmotivating.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do in July.  I don’t plan on closing the shop until November as it might as well remain open to try and sell some of what I’ve already made up, but I don’t know whether I’ll keep making new items this month.  Maybe I’ll focus on making items for my daughters (yes, we just found out it’s a girl!) this month instead.

You can view my Etsy store here.

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