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Brindille & Twig – Footie Coverall Review

I’ve been working on trying a few new baby patterns recently, including some sleepsuits.  You may have seen how much I loved the Brindille & Twig Essential Coverall but not being a fan of the back elastic version, I wanted to try a more traditional looking sleepsuit.  Enter the Brindille & Twig Footie Coverall.  This pattern does require quite a bit more work, but I’m really satisfied with how it turned out.

What I Loved

  • The PDF pattern is seamless and really easy to stick together.  It also comes with layers so you only need to print the size you need.
  • Step by step instructions come with the pattern making it really easy to understand.
  • Snaps across the front of the bodysuit make nappy changes really easy.
  • The newborn size only required half a metre of fabric.  I think you could probably get 0-3 months out of half a metre too.
  • The final item looks really, really nice.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The photo instructions included within the pattern aren’t the clearest.  The designer used a turquoise fabric that looks identical on both ‘right side’ and ‘wrong side’ of the fabric.  Some of the photos could have been much clearer if using a better choice of fabric.
  • The newborn size was incredibly fiddly to sew in some parts – the wrist cuffs and gusset in particular.
  • My first attempt at this pattern took me over four hours to make.  While I do really like the end result, I’m not sure it’s a pattern I’d want to make a lot of due to this.  That said, it’s ideal for special outfits and gifts.

Tips for Next Time

  • Make sure the poppers are evenly spaced rather than winging it.
  • Press the binding before topstitching.

Final Verdict

The Brindille & Twig Footie Coverall is a really nice pattern, and the final outfit really does look beautiful.  In fact, it looks like something you’d probably buy from Next or M&S so being able to make it in your own choice of fabric is fantastic.  The main downside to this pattern is how long it takes to make.  I think I will give it a second go to see if I can speed up at all, but if it’s another four hour job, I’ll save it for special makes rather than everday wear.

The Footie Coverall can be made in sizes newborn to 2-3T and requires a medium weight jersey.  You can also use ribbing for the binding and cuffs if you wish.  The PDF version of the Brindille & Twig Footie Coverall can be purchased from their website for $9.50.

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