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Made By Jack’s Mum – Pick n Mix T-Shirt Review

Please note that Made by Jack’s Mum has rebranded to Waves and Wild.  I’m reviewing the MBJM version of this pattern, but this is currently no longer available to purchase.  This pattern should be re-released under the Waves and Wild brand over the coming months.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Pick n Mix tee is a staple pattern for baby wardrobes.  It comes with absolutely tons of options that will help you to build a basic closet for your little one in your favourite fabrics.  Numerous neck and bottom options, and a basic t-shirt pattern all come included.  For this review, I made the envelope neck bodysuit option in newborn size.

What I Loved

  • The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  A photo guide is included for each step.
  • Layers are available in the PDF file so you only need to print your size.  A size chart is also included to help you determine this.
  • There are three different neck options: round neck, snap neck and envelope neck
  • There are a lot of different options aside from the basic t-shirt pattern.  These include bodysuits for both cloth bummed and disposable nappy bummed babies and a sleep suit.  There’s also the option to add foldover scratch mitts.

What Wasn’t So Great

  • The MBJM patterns aren’t trimless so they take a while to stick together.  That said, all of the Waves and Wild versions have been updated to make the patterns trimless, so I assume this will be the same.
  • Hemming the arms on the newborn bodysuit is enough to make anyone pull their hair out.

Tips for Next Time

  • Make sure to read the whole pattern instructions before starting.  I messed up both the bottom bodysuit binding and the snaps because I wasn’t paying attention and skipped steps.
  • There’s no reason in my eyes not to use the same “cheat” method for the binding at the bottom of the body suit.  To do this, I made the pattern pieces half the width and added stretch interfacing.  It’s a lot easier to attach it this way.

Final Verdict

The Made By Jack’s Mum Pick n Mix tee is a fantastic pattern for those sewing for babies and toddlers.  I love the variety of neck opening options, and the ability to turn the tee into a bodysuit or sleepsuit is very clever.  I’m not sure whether I’ll personally make any more of the bodysuits as they just seem to take me forever (I’ve made a couple now), but I’ll definitely use it for envelope neck tees.

The Made By Jack’s Mum Pick n Mix tee is currently not available for sale, but should be in the next few months.  Once live, I’ll update this review.  I assume it will be on offer for AUD $3 for the first week of it’s re-release and then increase to AUD $12.00.  The pattern is available in size Premature/Small Newborn to Age 4.  You can use jersey for the whole make, or use ribbing for the binding.

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