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Etsy July 2021 Report

July was a better month for me on Etsy.  Still relatively few sales but I’m proud to say I’m only around £60 away from making a profit now – which has taken over a year to achieve.  The only thing I did different this month was added a few handmade greetings cards to my store.  While none of these have sold, they’ve signalled to the Etsy algorithms that my shop is active and I think that’s given my clothing listings a boost.  My stats are below:

Sales and Visits

  • Number of visits: 411
  • Number of orders: 10
  • Conversion Rate: 2.4%
  • Revenue: £231.80


  • 290 people found my shop through Etsy search
  • 103 people visited my shop direct
  • 12 people found my shop through Etsy ads on Google and the other random places they’ve started advertising.
  • 0 people visited my shop via Instagram
  • 6 people visited my shop via Facebook

Plans for August

I’m going to be taking maternity leave in three months so don’t really have much energy to be making a lot of new stock up for my store right now, and I don’t really want to pressure myself to do this either.  I’d also like to fit some personal makes in while I still have the time.  I guess I might add the odd easy make (harem pants/greetings cards) over the next month to continue letting the Etsy gods see that the shop is still active and open, but aside from that and possibly restocking the best selling lines, I won’t be doing a lot.  If I can finally turn a profit in August I’ll be happy!

You can view my Etsy store here.

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